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Privacy Policy

  • Privacy Policy

    Floripal.com is a website of the company M/s Floripal Limited which is a registered public limited company with government of India . We respect the privacy issues related to our customers and also undertake to protect them with the privacy policies stated here:


    1.       The reasons for which Floripal collects information is stated below:
    2.        For giving information about the discounts/offers.
    3.       For delivery purposes.
    4.        For authenticating the detailsof user.
    5.       For promotion of Floripal


    1.       The information  that we generally collect are the following:

                                    i.            Name

                                  ii.            Address

                                iii.            Phone number

                                iv.            Email address

                                  v.            Payment details

                                vi.            Age

                              vii.            Sex


    1.       When you place an order on Floripal, the information that you will be providing us will be shared with our distribution providers and banking services so that your order can be processed and completed successfully. We shall assure you that only relevant information will be shared with these parties. These parties are also under an obligation to ensure that the information provided by us about our customers will be kept private.


    1.       Floripal will not contact you or email you in the upcoming future unless we receive your consent on this behalf. ( unless we email you  for confirming delivery or obtain customer feedback)


    1.       We assure you that no sensitive information will be demanded by us from our consumers.


    1.       For every new visitor who visits our website, we automatically log some information about how each visitor is using our website. If your default computer browser is set up in such a way so as to accept them, we will use a feature which is called as “cookie” which contains specific information that is present on your hard drive for keeping records. Cookies will allow us to make the Floripal website more useful by making use of the stored information about the personal preferences when customers visit our website. If you do not wish for your information to be used in this way, you can configure the browser to refuse usage of cookies.


    1.       The consent of the customers for sharing the information with the distribution providers or the banking clients is assumed to be implicit.


    1.       Floripal has all rights to amend the privacy policy from time to time. If we are making any substantial changes in the manner we use your personal information we shall notify you via email and make an official announcement on our website.


    1.       If you have any further queries or comments about the privacy policy, you can email us at care@floripal.in