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Terms of Service

Terms and conditions


  1.       What is Floripal.com?


Floripal.com is a website of the company FLORIPAL LIMITED. The company is registered under Company Registration Act Govt of India. This page comprise of the general terms and conditions that are applicable to all the orders which are placed on this site.


  1.       What are the delivery timings?


For the orders to which you need delivery on the same day, orders must be placed on the same day before 5PM. The orders which will be placed after 5PM shall be considered as next day’s orders.


However, we do not provide you guarantee about the timings of delivery. Our general delivery timings are from 9AM to 7PM. Customers can request specific times of delivery by filling in the special instructions section in the payment form. We will try to honor the customer’s requests to the extent possible, but cannot assure you 100% efficiency. The timings of delivery cannot be guaranteed when there are special circumstances like bandhs, elections, riots, strikes and during some peak rush hours during special occasions like rakhi, valentine’s day, mother’s day, new year eve etc. Also on such occasions cancellation of orders will not be entertained.


For midnight deliveries on Valentine’s Day, the delivery time would be from 10PM to 12AM.


  1.       Discounts policy


All the offers and discounts are fixed by the Floripal team and we shall not entertain any clubbing of discounts together. Specific discounts shall be made applicable to specific orders.


  1.       Change of address


Any changes desired to be made to the address of the recipient will be made at free of cost if the request is made within 48 hours of delivery. Changes which are made after the expiry of 48 hours will not be entertained and the order shall not be cancelled. Once the products are dispatched from the gift section, change of address is not possible.


  1.       Change of order


Changes to the order placed shall be entertained with some monetary adjustments if the request has been sent within 48 hours of the actual time of delivery. Order would not be cancelled and changed will not be entertained after the expiry of 48 hours. We charge cancellation charges of 5% on all the cancellation requests.


  1.       Delivery of product


The arrangements of the flowers cannot be guaranteed to be according to the templates shown on the website. We do not assure you the exact replicas of the flower arrangements due to different vendors and other seasonal constraints. The quantity of the products will be the same. But the quality again cannot be 100% assured and some substitutions may be made due to seasonal changes. Rest assured we will make substitutions of same or higher quality and not inferior quality. Change of the colors of flowers shall also come under the same condition. Also, the design and icing of the cake will also vary from the template on the website upon the local availabilities.


  1.       Damaged deliveries


We will entertain reports or complaints on the damaged products/ flowers on the same day. It has to be communicated to us within 24 hours. The report of the problem must be supported with proofs of damage which are made to the product.


  1.       General rules of  delivery


  1.        Delivery instructions shall be followed to undertake deliveries. For instance: if the instructions of delivery clearly state that delivery must be made only to the recipient, we shall not deliver the product to anyone else other than the recipient. If the recipient is not available, the order will be deemed to be delivered. Also, if the recipient does not accept the delivery, we shall assume that the delivery is completed.
  2.       Floripal will make attempt of delivery of the flowers or gifts only ONCE. If the delivery is not executed in the first attempt, the client will still be charged for the order and re delivery will not be made. We shall consider that the order is being executed in the following 3 cases:

                                i.            If the premises are found locked.

                              ii.            If the recipient is not available.

                            iii.            Wrong delivery address

                            iv.            If the product is delivered to the gate/ a neighbor/ reception.

                              v.            Wrong landline or mobile numbers by which our employees cannot reach the recipient.

                            vi.            If the recipient refuses to accept the delivery.


  1.       Substitution policy


Occasionally, the substitutions of products or flowers may become inevitable due to regional and local availability issues. If this proves to be the case with the gift you have ordered, our florist employees will make sure that the theme, style, color of the  gift you selected will be the same and changes shall be made only to the quality which shall be substituted with either equal or higher quality. We shall however reserve all rights to make changes in the color of product with other products of equal or same quality.


  1.   Rules pertaining to duplicate orders


If we find that two same orders are received on the same day, we shall try to communicate it to our customers as there are chances of duplicate orders. We shall contact our customers and get the clarifications. But if the customer is not available for communication, we shall make decisions to the best of our judgments and that shall be finalized.


  1.   Treatment of  fraudulent customers


If it comes to our notice that any customer has fraudulently tried to give wrong shipping address, unethical messages or odd delivery timings or any other behavior which we consider fraudulent, we have all rights to reject the order or ban that particular customer without being held accountable to anyone.


  1.   Unfounded  recipient


In case the recipient is not available to take delivery for any reason and we have been instructed to make delivery only to the specified customer, we shall consider the order to be executed and on that ode, no refund shall be entertained. You can refer to the cancellation and refund policy for any further details.


  1.   All gifts which require courier services shall be shipped through the bluedart or any other equivalent courier agency. For such orders we cannot specify a particular timing or order. All the deliveries shall be made between 9AM to 7PM and might take extra 3 to 9 days for shipping products which is dependent on the type of product, availability and other parameters.


  1.   We reserve all rights to serve any individual, business unit, group or organization. We may refuse or reject any order to serve any individual, group, organization or a business unit depending upon our will and we shall not be held accountable for that to anyone.


  1.   Floripal has all rights to amend the terms and conditions in the future. These terms shall be subject to amendments in the Indian laws without any reference to the conflict of laws of principles. Disputes which arise in relation to the terms and conditions shall be subject to jurisdiction of various courts at New Delhi.


  1.   All the above listed terms and conditions, together with the cancellation and refund policy, privacy policy which are posted on this site are hereby incorporated as if all those rules are fully set up in these terms and conditions. All those as a whole will constitute the entire agreement between you and Floripal with reference to the use of the services available on this website. Any rights which are not expressly granted in the above mentioned terms and conditions are reserved.


  1.   I hereby understand that the Floripal can send me promotional and transactional messages to my registered phone number.



If you have any further queries or comments about the terms and conditions of our site, you can drop an email at admin@floripal.in